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We have come across a lot of challenges in the recent past. A Few businesses have shifted their work culture to the virtual experience. There are multiple sectors striving hard to bounce back.

At the same time, what defines us is how well we rise after falling. 

Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a 190 million dollar business that helps to leverage trade across the globe to reach out to the right people at the right time through the right medium.

A Competitive Trade.

Like every other field, digital marketing is not as easy as it sounds. It involves a team of experts to handle multiple services.

The nature of the business determines the nature of service. A specific service may not suit every business. For example, discounts on Phone PE or G-PAY scratch cards, suit trades of essential commodities but are not as effective for non-essential goods or services.

Why Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing

According to a study, Indian marketing traffic is likely to grow 291 times than it was in 2005. 22 % of the entire world population is on Facebook. Out of those 52 % are said to be on Instagram.

Success in business is measured with the increase in the number of sales which in turn reflects on the revenue and pay scale. It is easy to work through marketing channels to brand a product.

Promoting a product differ from branding a product.

Promotion is a profit-oriented one-way communication to sell a product or service. Seasonal trades benefit out of promotions. Whereas branding is building a strong customer network for a long-term relationship.

Digital Marketing helps to connect with the right people by generating potential leads, also helps in Return Of Investment.

Digital Marketing Channels.

Digital Marketing Channels

DM reaches out to 170 million internet users through multiple channels such as SEO, SMM, PPC, E-mail, content marketing, and so on. These promotions, not only help with sales but also supports branding.

Change is inevitable. A large section of the business community uses chat-bots to learn client requirements and promote their brand by video marketing. A study says video education is equivalent to 10 books.

According to a survey, video marketing appeals to a large section compared to old-school techniques. They say, 70% of people have known a brand by promotional videos. 52% claim, product videos give confidence to online purchases.

Although the world moves towards Voice search, AR, VR, and so on, it is the monthly budget allocation towards marketing that determines the nature of service a company opts for. Many business heads feel old-school techniques are outdated. But the fact remains, it has its own strength.

How Digital Marketing helps?

History of Digital Marketing

Growing trends demand people to be tech-savvy. In fact, times have changed a lot, people using old-age keypad phones grab attention only to be judged.

In the evolving trend, we have seen websites built supporting desktop and laptop views. Later on, websites were made tab & mobile responsive. Then social media were interlinked with websites to draw traffic. Currently, many websites use chatbots and so on.

There is a constant update in every technology to add value to the consumers.

It has become mandatory for every business to meet the trend for survival. Digital Marketing is one business that connects the right people through the right medium. 

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It is always cost-effective to outsource than hiring an employee. Also, the quality of results will be evident when 4 resource work on 4 services than a single resource work on 4 services for the same remuneration.

Crunk Minds Technologies is newborn digital marketing agency in Chennai. We are a team of individuals, who work on what we are best at and support our clients on time.

We eagerly look forward to being a part of your successful journey.