Covid-19 – An Eye Opener


Covid-19 - A Big Salute To the Business Heads

Yes – It is an irrefutable fact that COVID-19 has made a great impact on every individual’s life. Especially a big blow for entrepreneurs who are supporting their employees for almost multiple consecutive lock-downs despite less progress in the business.

Recovering the business is the most challenging task. The business head handles multiple responsibilities in parallels like Customer satisfaction, Operations, Marketing, Legal challenges, Financial management, and many more.

Although firms recruit professionals to support business, the burden will be on the shoulders of the entrepreneurs to support, monitor, motivate and guide the employees and partners in the right way and to maintain the high standards of one’s product or service all time.

In today’s world, every business is competitive. Maintaining the standards at a competitive cost is the key formula for any business. Back in old times, exposure was comparatively less, meeting the expectations was not as difficult as nowadays.

To live up to the requirements in this rapid growth trend, exposure is mandatory to sustain in the market.

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Why Outsource?

Marketing through digital means is the best way to reach out to the right section of the audience in a stipulated time.

Like every other business, digital marketing also requires nuances in getting the best results.

Yes- It may look perfect to keep professionals under surveillance for better results. But, the quality of the output is evident when there is a dedicated team involved in a task compared to one or two individuals working on those.

It is also economically viable to outsource rather than handling it in-house.

Let us consider SEO for example. To promote a Blog/ Webpage / Website, we have to consider the following few aspects,

  • Interesting content to appeal to the audience.
  • Attractive visuals to keep the readers engaged.
  • To work on off-page activities.
  • To Monitor traffic and study the market trend, and many more.

To obtain the best quality for better results, It is wise to have a dedicated resource for every task.

Yes. Every decision of entrepreneurs will be based on either financial aspects or past events. Bitter encounters in the past with digital marketing firms also may be the reason to plan it in-house.

It is well-known that there are 2 sides to a coin. From the client’s perspective, digital marketing agencies may not have delivered the results as committed. On the other hand, the client may not have paid on time for the service utilized.

The experience we gathered with business in the Covid-19 pandemic will reflect on our trade relationships.

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Why Crunk Minds?

Digital Marketing

In today’s times, it’s not easy to judge a vendor or partner just by their presence in the market. Often potential is measured based on their prior achievements, success stories, integrity, and many more factors.

On the other hand, firms seeking opportunities refuse to compromise on demands just for the sake of getting a business. Tired of being exploited by clients, firms hesitate to offer proposals unless requirements are clearly communicated.

From the customer perspective, vendors not only fail to deliver the commitment but also their attitude towards failure is displeasing.

From the vendor’s perspective, gone are those days where customers were considered kings. Frustrated over irregular financial transactions and imperative attitude towards unreasonable demands are no longer entertained.

Both the parties are much aware the reason for the breakup is improper communication, too much importance for attitude, unethical practices in business, and many more petty issues.

Striking the root cause, it is the insecure feeling of the educated section of the society is the primary reason for the above-mentioned factors. 

Keeping aside the petty issues and politics, Crunk Minds Technologies is one of the marketing firms that strive to provide the best digital marketing service out of unique strategies. 

After all, what is the point in holding a master’s degree if ethics are not practiced in an organization?

Join and support us in this covid-19 pandemic to build successful business empires.