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SEO-Search Engine Optimizaton
SEO is the process of improving the online visibility through organic means in any search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc....

Business Website is optimised under various parameters and promoted to meet the requirements of SERP’s which reflects the website to rank on the top.

Results are generally time consuming but steady enough to rank on top for longer duration.

SEO-Search Engine Marketing
SEM is the process of promoting website through paid ads to increase traffic. Search engine charges some amount to advertise the brand on SERP, derived from specific keywords....

Unlike SEO, ads are generally short lived i.e. ads appear up to sometime till the value expires. It is season-based promotion to utilise the need of the hour.

SMO-Social Media Optimizaton
SMO are generally more benefitted for entrepreneurs holding B2C firms as social media is the best platforms to reach major section of audience....

In this type of promotion creatives, videos, etc. will be made based on the products or services and will be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.

It has an advantage of direct connect with end users and on-time feedback which helps the business to grow high.

SMM-Social Media Marketing
SMM is the process of paid promotions through social media platforms....

This mode of promotion will be good for business heads targeting right set of audience for their products or services as some business are not meant for mass. Especially B2B people will benefit most.

This mode of promotion will also be useful during launch of new products or promotion of services.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is the process of promoting the business as blogs through various mediums....

Content writing is more valued based on the appropriate use of language.

These contents are uploaded as blogs into the website and promoted via social media platforms and with SEO means.

The purpose is not only restricted to sales of any business but also to promote invention, innovations, or to promote brands, etc.

It also helps the audience aware of latest trends.

Web Design & Development
Website is mandatory for any business to promote and consolidate their product or services....

Quality of the business are judged by the website it holds. More the quality, higher the standards.

Websites supporting SEO parameters are highly valued when compared to normal websites just having basic information.

Websites are generally categorised into static, dynamic and e-commerce based on the nature of business and targeted audience.

Price differs based on the requirement and its presentation.